Planning a treatment at Schlosspraxis Brühl for patients with long journeys

The desire for high quality and the wish to reach your goal can necessitate long journeys.

Dear patients,
in recent years, we have noticed a trend: more and more patients are coming to us from ever greater distances, traveling not only 100 km to be treated here at Schlosspraxis Brühl, but 500 km or more. We are proud of our good reputation and take the responsibility very seriously to always provide you with the highest level of treatment, no matter where you are visiting from.
Schlosspraxis Brühl, founded in 2008 and located in the Rhine-Erft region between Cologne and Bonn, is a private practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Scheersoi and Dr. Rossbach are both experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In addition to the medical specialists, a team of doctor’s assistants, surgery nurses and beauticians are available to ensure you receive the best possible care.

We look forward to welcoming you personally at Schlosspraxis Brühl.

Which treatment do we offer to patients from outside the region?

  • Breast augmentation (Minimal Scar, Motiva Ergonomix, Hybrid Breast Augmentation)
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Minimally invasive closure of rectus diastasis
  • Facelift
  • Eyelid lifting, lipofilling, needling in combination with above mentioned procedures

Preparation is key! Here is some advice for patients with long journeys:

  • Plan all appointments with enough buffer time to account for traffic jams, train or flight delays.
  • Write down questions in advance to avoid forgetting anything important during in-person appointments.
  • Make preparations at home for the time of your absence (family, groceries, cleaning, etc.).
  • Find a doctor or hospital near you for unforeseen emergencies (of course you will receive our emergency number).

Making a treatment for patients with long journeys to Schlosspraxis Brühl as comfortable as possible

  • Pre-assessment based on photos/ 3-D simulation
  • Combine appointments: Personal consultation appointment/ pre-surgery consultation
  • Take into account the special features of surgery day and inpatient stay
  • Adjustment of the follow-up examinations

Photos/3-D Simulations & Phone Consultation

Using recent, informative photos of the area to be treated, we can provide an initial, non-binding preliminary assessment. In preparation for abdominoplasty/ rectus diastasis surgery, please send us photos from the front and side (both with your stomach sucked in and after breathing out) taken in front of a neutral background (such as a door or white wall).

When planning a breast augmentation, you can do a 3-D simulation at home, without an appointment. The next step is a phone appointment with our patient consultants, during which you have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the treatment. Experience tells us that an in-person consultation with a thorough examination cannot be replaced by a phone or video call. This is why we will invite you to visit us at Schlosspraxis Brühl to discuss further steps with one of our medical specialists.

Personal consultation appointment/ Pre-surgery consultation

If you decide to undergo treatment at Schlosspraxis Brühl, we schedule an in-person appointment according to your individual journey and schedule. The appointment will consist of a personal examination, the exact determination of the surgery procedure as well as other necessary surgery preparations (such as blood sampling and further clarifications).

Surgery day and inpatient stay

Depending on how far you have to travel, it may be advisable to arrive in Brühl the day before the surgery. We have prepared a suggestion of hotels on this website, which you can book in advance for an overnight stay. Some surgeries can also be scheduled for noon or early afternoon, in which case it is enough to arrive on the day of the surgery appointment. However, some surgeries should be carried out in the early morning.

The length of inpatient stay depends on the type of treatment and on the distance to your place of residence. The average inpatient stay after a breast augmentation is one to two nights, and two to four days after a rectus diastasis surgery.
Inpatient accommodation is provided in the private ward (mostly 2-bed rooms) of the adjacent Marienhospital Brühl. There you will be cared for day and night by experienced nurses. We will visit you at least twice a day.


Generally speaking, initial wound checks should be performed one, two and six weeks after the surgery, while long-term checks should be performed six and 12 months after the surgery. If you have to travel a long distance (> 200 km), we recommend you contact your family doctor or a surgeon in your immediate vicinity in advance, so that they can possibly carry out a follow-up check. As we use dissolvable stitches in most cases, only special plasters will have to be removed before you can start the scar treatment. Here, too, we like to work with photos to control the healing process despite the long distance.

Arrival Schlosspraxis Brühl:

By plane:

  • Airport Cologne/ Bonn (CGN) - distance approx. 25 km
  • Airport Düsseldorf (DUS) - distance approx. 75 km

By train:

  • Brühl train station - distance approx. 950 m to the Schlosspraxis
  • Cologne train station - 13 min (RB26, RE5, RB48)
  • Bonn train station - 11 min (RB26, RE5, RB48)

By car:

  • Parking facilities in the "Parkhaus am Krankenhaus" (Clemens-August-Straße 30, 50321 Brühl)

Accommodation in Brühl:

RS-Hotel Brühl (Uhlstraße 118, 50321 Brühl). Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl: approx. 350 m. Own underground parking, apartments with small kitchen available. Attention: no breakfast in the hotel!

H+-Hotel Brühl (Römerstraße 1, 50321 Brühl). Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl approx. 1.6 km. Own parking spaces, breakfast.

Hotel Ling Bao am Phantasialand (Lucretiaweg, 50321 Brühl). Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl approx. 4.7 km. Direct access to Phantasialand. Pool and wellness area.

5 star hotels in the area:

  • Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt Cologne. Distance to the practice approx. 17 km
  • Hyatt Regency Cologne. Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl approx. 23 km
  • Kamera Grand Bonn. Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl approx. 34 km
  • Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg. Distance to Schlosspraxis Brühl approx. 36 km

Please contact us if you need help with your individual travel planning. We will be glad to help you.

Sightseeing, Restaurants, Activities

  • Phantasialand (please visit only before a planned surgery)
  • Brühl Castle
  • Restaurants (e.g. El Patio, Brauhaus am Schloss, Piato, Grissino, etc.)